Enhance communication and engagement around your strategic initiatives.

I work with clients to engage employees, customers and stakeholders to see complex strategic challenges together and grow sustainable opportunities. I am passionate about helping others build their customer centric creative thinking capacity both individually and as a team. Through analysis, pictures, drawing together, and experimentation cross-disciplinary perspectives and patterns emerge. In a world where artificial intelligence is supporting big data insights and analysis, it is even more critical that we nurture the human skills that can imagine and see opportunities for thoughtful customer oriented decision making.


Sample services and results include;

- visualizing challenges, customer data, customer journeys, gaps, and critical questions - working together gain insight through complexity

- designing and facilitating gatherings that build understanding, alignment and purposeful action - for executives, teams, stakeholders and communities

- co-creating visual templates and tools that encourage engagement, deeper understanding through dialogue, as well as creative thinking habits and new decision making practices

- supporting team prototyping and bespoke tool development that activates strategies and organizational values


Remembering What We Know; Sustainable leadership starts with curiosity, questions, and active listening. Based on their workshops with hundreds of participants, the authors visually and verbally share their combined wisdom from working with leaders in many fields. A great thought piece, conversation starter or corporate gift.


- Buy Sustatainable Leadership on BLURB

Bespoke Visual Exercise Cards for building self awareness, adaptability and resilience in this time of immense change. Visual cards and exercises align with organisational purpose, values, and learning goals. They support developing habits that create sustainable personal development, learning and engagement.


- Connect to discuss creating insight cards for your organization.

The Importance of PRACTICE - Change often requires patience, and practicing new habits. I'm a big fan of starting small and building momentum by creating together.  Local learning together can help build new individual habits that engage communities in positive change. I am currently trying this in my community around something I care deeply about - healing our oceans. What might you practice locally today, that could grow to have meaningful global impact in the future?


Think Globally Act Locally Example


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