Remembering What You Know - Exhibition
17 March - 24 April, 2012 CamYoga, Cambridge

This exhibition looked at transformation, embracing change and following your dreams. When we explore all the possible answers to a question, focusing on it from multiple perspectives, we are often able to visualize and embrace new opportunities by opening up to our internal, as well as our collective wisdom. Likewise Yoga enables us to tune in, to let go, and to truly listen to ourselves - our bodies and the energy around us – essentially helping us to remember what we already know.
In this art series, Remembering What We Know, Susi Watson explores questions and insights that she has encountered over the past year, during her transition from America to the UK and her practice at CamYoga.
The series is an opportunity for us to reflect on questions and images, in the hope that it may:
• ignite an intention during practice
• encourage nourishing conversation
• inspire us to visualize our own questions, answers or ideas
• further our own practice, whatever our passion may be
You can see the series and questions by downloading this Remembering What We Know.pdf

Agua Series - 2010
Exhibitions in Los Angeles and San Francisco

This Agua series was developed with LA Artist Elizabeth Raney. We committed to developing a series together each year to inspire us to devote time to our friendship and our mutual passion, creating art. Given all the transitions going on in the world, from natural to economic, this series honors transitions - the ebb and flow of life. Water connects us all in so many ways. It is a constant reminder to embrace change. I hope these personal meditations inspire others to connect with the creative, positive energy water and nature so generously provide.

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Collection was sold and/or donated before moving to the UK.